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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy, helps patients to maintain, recover or improve their physical abilities after a disease, sporting injuries or simply, by aging. PT is a rehabilitative branch of medicine and Physical Therapists use their training and skills to treat a wide range of physical problems linked to movement difficulties, pain relief, or injuries. In Athens Rehab, we seek to identify the cause of your symptoms and maximize the quality of your life, enable you to increase control of your motions and gradually build your confidence and the potential of your movement. PT as a medical science includes expertise in anatomy, neuroscience and physiology, in order to execute diagnosis, prevention, rehabilitation or treatment. "Physiotherapy is science-based, committed to extending, applying, evaluating and reviewing the evidence that underpins and informs its practice and delivery. The exercise of clinical judgment and informed interpretation is at its core." Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, UK Below there are some examples of diseases that physical therapists can treat:

FAQ Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a healthcare profession, which aims to improve mobility, using science-based treatments. It aims to restore movement and function of the entire body, to relieve pain and focuses on stretching, balance, strengthening, endurance, coordination and mobilizing tissues, joints and muscles. At the end of that treatment, the patient is able to move pain-free or educated on how to restore mobility and face the returning pain himself.

We have a great team of authorized, effective and results driven physical therapists who can provide you with the best piece of advice and design the most accurate and suitable plan of treatment, just for you. We are all inspired and constantly educated by our leader, Dr. Paris Tsombanoglou who is an expert in his field, with great experience and ethos.

Sure! Depending on the reason you visit us you might get a long relaxing massage. If you need to relax your muscles or need to increase blood circulation, then pressure is applied to the soft tissues of your body (muscles) and pain is eased.

But if the problem needs special treatment, a discussion with our physical therapists will follow, in order to plan the perfect treatment for you. You are certainly in good hands.

You should choose wisely the person that you are going to trust your body to. It is very important to be sure about their expertise, commitment and results. Why don’t you call us and we could answer all your questions!

In some cases it is crucial to continue with some exercises, like a gym program, which you can do in our center, in the dedicated section we have and under our supervision. Others may return to their normal lives and daily activities. Either way, you need to express your goals to your therapist so we can develop a bespoke program with you.

  • Manual therapy: Massage, Mobilization, Manipulation
  • Education on how to function in your everyday life and protect your joints
  • Specialized treatments, like wound care

Modalities, like hot&cold packs, ultrasound, phonophoresis, electrical stimulation, magnetic therapy, electrical accupancure.