We believe every interaction with our patients is an opportunity!


FAQ General

There is quite number of reasons on why you should choose Athens Rehab Center for your treatment. Here are the most important facts about us:

  • Expertise: Recognized expertise with proven results
  • Quality: High quality services with personalized treatments
  • Commitment: Our goal is to cure your pain by fighting its inner cause. Not just temporary relief.
  • Integrity: We constantly strive to deliver the best approach in terms of care, treatment, education by operating through a patient-centric approach.
  • Discovery: We embrace research, knowledge and awareness in all levels.
  • Compassion: Respect, for the patients and their families, compassionate care, emotional and psychological support and absolute discretion.
  • Innovation: We are responsive to your needs and we create special programs in order to cover the wide range of diversity of our patient population.

Our authorized stuff will see you in the first place, in order to get informed about your medical history and discuss with you the reason of your visit. After that conversation, Clinical Director Tsobanoglou will decide the best next steps for your treatment commencement.

Manual therapy, modalities (such as heat, cold and electrical stimulation), patient education and exercise are some of the physical therapists tools. Depending on the problem there are various techniques that can be used, focusing on treating problems or preventing them, as well. Those problems can affect one or more of the following:

  • Musculoskeletal system: muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones
  • Neuromuscular system: nerves and related muscles
  • Cardiovascular system: heart and related blood vessels
  • Pulmonary system: lungs and breathing

Exacerbation is not uncommon. You may have a flare up and in this case just call us and we either suggest you a few modifications from the phone, regarding your daily activities or exercise routine. In other cases you might have to get back and see us.




This section refers to the information and records we have about your health condition, status and all the kinds of treatments you received in our clinic. The form of this information may be digital, written or even spoken words that have been unofficially listed, or your health history, examinations, medical tests, prescriptions or other types of health-related information.

We are committed by the law to provide you with this information, in order for you to be informed about your rights and obligations throughout our collaboration.


When we use health information or disclose them, it may happen for some of the following purposes:

Your Treatment. In order to provide the most appropriate care for you, we need access to your previous examinations and general medical record. We even might need to contact other doctors related to your past health problems for information exchange or for a necessary discussion of more complicated treatments. Every kind of information about your health issues is crucial and is much needed.

Your payment. Your insurance company will definitely need to receive information about your treatment kind and length, in order to obtain prior approval for the payment of your treatment.

Domestic Clinical Operations. We revise and disclose health information about your health and treatment process for management reasons. We evaluate our medical approach very often and by doing this we manage to ensure that you and our other patients receive high quality care.

Appointment Reminders. You will receive a reminding contact regarding your appointment.

Treatment Alternatives. Alternative treatments can be recommended in order to cover the wide range of therapies that can be offered or are new to the market.

Your physical therapist will see you and there will be an informative conversation between you and Clinical Director Paris Tsombanoglou. You will show any related previous diagnosis or examination, in order to shape your medical history file. Your own plan will be designed and the next steps of your treatment will be explained to you.

Any previous and related to you medical issue diagnosis or examination will help us trace your therapeutical route until today and shape our new plan

Loose, comfortable clothes because need to check where you point us, in order to understand your problem. For example, if you have knee problem the best choice is to wear shorts.

Depending on your medical situation and the kind of therapy, sessions need approximately an hour to be completed.

This will be defined by your therapist, at the end of the first visit.

  • Pain reduction
  • Avoid surgery
  • Mobility improvement
  • Recovery from accidents or a stroke
  • Prevention of sport injuries
  • Balance issues
  • Age-related mobility issues, and so much more.