We believe every interaction with our patients is an opportunity!



Our multitasking team of experts devotes all the time that is required for you to learn how to exercise –the safe way: Even you are recovering from a surgery, or you are an athlete who learns how to exercise without getting injured, or you are introduced to a way of treating pain yourself. We are next to you and help you take care of yourself.

Pelvic center

In our Pelvic Floor department, we keep anything we need to examine you and shape an accurate diagnosis for your case. We will make you feel comfortable and you will soon feel that you are in good hands. We treat the cause of your pain, not just the symptom.

Chronic Pain

There is nothing worse than a pain which never disappears or keeps returning after the effectives of a pill. In Athens Rehab we strongly believe that you don’t deserve pain and we combine experience with knowledge to heal you. There is science in our skills and magic in our hands.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy department in Athens Rehab, another room in our clinic where people become happy and carefree again! Our experts help you to get your life back and most of the time, if you were scheduled for surgery, you don’t need it in the end of the sessions with us. You deserve to live a life without pain.