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Welcome to Athens Rehab

Athens Rehab is a healing center, located in the center of Athens. Our clinic offers a wide range of treatments including physical therapy, orthopedics, pelvic center therapy, sports medicine and personalized onsite wellness programs.

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Pelvic Center

“Pelvic floor” is a group of muscles that attach to the front, back and sides of the pelvic bone.

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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy, helps patients to maintain, recover or improve their physical abilities after a disease, sporting injuries or simply, by aging.

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Chronic Pain

When your body suffers from chronic pain, this aching life of yours is the whole world.

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Sports Medicine

AthensRehab, offers the newest medical care and treatment in order to prevent surgery and evaluate your condition.

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Why choose Athens Rehab!

Accountability, professional duty, social responsibility and integrity can describe the corpus of AthensRehab’s practice.



MEET Clinical Director Paris Tsobanoglou

Paris Tsobanoglou


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Athens Rehab’s Clinical Director, Paris Tsobanoglou, is an expert in his field and highly committed to his personal values. He manages not only to cure but also to infuse his high ethical approach to his team and to effectively inspire & motivate his patients for the last 28 years. “Respect, faith and stamina towards all directions, along with strong self-determination” is his mantra.

Why Us

The list is really long. But since we need to name a few we will focus on our core beliefs.


It is absolutely possible to NOT need your scheduled surgery.

"Explore your chances with us!"

The 90% of the patients who were scheduled for surgery, in Athens Rehab were treated and they no longer need it.


We stay engaged beyond your treatment, until full recovery:

"We are friends for life."

“The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it”. But still, we are here for you. As a team of humans we go beyond the expected standards of practice. We form a strong relationship with you, forever.

Clinic Departments


Our multitasking team of experts devotes all the time that is required for you to learn how to exercise –the safe way.

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In our Pelvic Floor department, we keep anything we need to examine you and shape an accurate diagnosis for your case. We will make you feel comfortable and you will soon feel that you are in good hands.

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There is nothing worse than a pain which never disappears or keeps returning after the effectives of a pill. In Athens Rehab we strongly believe that you don’t deserve pain and we combine experience with knowledge to heal you.

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Physical therapy department in Athens Rehab, another room in our clinic where people become happy and carefree again! Our experts help you to get your life back and most of the time, if you were scheduled for surgery, you don’t need it in the end of the sessions with us.

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